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Who Are We?

A company focused on Protecting Paws & Preventing Pain

In the future, HotDawg Company plans on giving back to local and nationally recognized animal shelters, organizations, etc. 

Our Product

Every dog (big or small) experiences some sort of pain when walking on hot surfaces.  We aim to, not only inform dog owners, but eliminate the issue of burnt paws by increasing overall awareness. 

Her Before Me

Why would I treat my dog any different than my child? Would I let my child run around on hot pavement? & If I would not let my kid, why would I let my dog?

PAWse For PAWs

Consider the importance we place on our feet and hands. Feet give us mobility when we want to move around or need to flee from danger. To dogs, their feet are every bit as important to their survival. Feet are used to chase down prey, run away from danger, protect themselves, dig holes to flush out prey, bury food to prevent other animals from stealing it and communicate.

Now PAWse & Think About Your Last Walk With Your Dog

Hot enough to fry an egg?  We’ve all heard the old adage but what temperature does it take to actually fry an egg in say 5 minutes?  The answer is, an egg will fry on a 131 degree surface in only five minutes.  And canine paw destruction can occur in only 60 seconds on black pavement at a mere 125 degrees.

Breaking Our Hearts & Our Banks

Who wants to see their best friend in pain? Unable to walk? Crying with every step? 

Say your pup was in pain but did not show any signs. The way your dog is walking, could be causing them unnecessary strain on their joints. This could eventually lead to painful hip dysplasia and expensive surgeries down the road.