HotDawg Company




My name is Jenna Tarantino and I am a recent graduate of High Point University in North Carolina. I was a Business Administration Major with a Minor in Entrepreneurship. 

Dogs. Dogs. Dogs.

Growing up, I always had one human brother, Jimmy, and at least one furry sister. First we had Daysey, who was the prettiest and sweetest Yellow Lab in the world. She lived for 15 happy & healthy years. (2.1.2001 - 7.3.2016)

Then I sweet-talked my parents into getting our first French Bulldog, Bayley. Now Bayley was my baby. It was like she knew that I hoped and prayed and dreamed that she would one day be mine. Like some Frenchies, Bayley ended up having hereditary spine issues which caused her to lose all function from her waist down. With not many options and Bayley in pain; we knew that we were going to have to bring her in for surgery. After 3 weeks of her suffering in the ICU of the Vet Hospital, we knew that we had to think about her quality of life. With a heavy heart and tear filled eyes; I am saddened to say that Bayley grew her wings. (6.18.2009 -11.16.2016)

Today, I am a lucky sister to two French Bulldogs; Jagger, 4, & Nutella, 1. Jagger is a mushy old man (with a big head) who loves to cuddle and play with his favorite "wonton" toy. Nutella on the other hand, is a little peanut with so much personality. She smacks Jagger in the face when she does not get her way, destroys all of my mom's fancy pillows, eats toilet paper, and digs the muddiest holes in town. 

*And sidenote: Yes, I did name her after my favorite food... Nutella*

Future Plans

I have the world ahead of me but right now; all of my time, energy, passion, and drive is being put toward the Thermo-Leash & The HotDawg Company. That is where my heart lies and I would not want it any other way!