Not many people are aware of the dangers heat can bring to a dog's paws. It happens too often and very little is done in prevention. I myself was not aware, and like a lot of other dog owners, I found out the hard way. 

A True Story

Last summer, I thought it would be a good idea to hire a dog walker to play with my two Frenchies, Jagger & Nutella, while I was at work. 

Everything was great until I started to realize their activity levels dropping more and more by the time I got home. I knew something was going on but I could not figure out what. One day I got home from work and I could immediately tell that Jagger's paws were in pain. That was when I flipped them over and saw the affects the hot, mid-day walks had been causing on them. Then I flipped over Nutella's paws and found the same thing. All 8 paws were bright red and on the verge of blistering. 



With that being said, I invented the "Thermo-Leash", which is a retractable dog leash with integrated IOT applications. On the top of the leash is a small screen where the dog walker will be able to read the exact temperature their dog's paws are exposed to. With that information, they will then be able to make an informed decision on what needs to be done.